Camp Kerry Ontario’s Fifth Year

Shelley Hermer
Camp Kerry Ontario Coordinator

A Message From Shelley…

This week marks my 8th Camp Kerry and the 5th year since we were able to bring the vision from British Columbia to Ontario. I think our first family bereavement retreat in Ontario had 5 families…this coming week we’ll be hosting 17! It’s been 5 years of incredibly hard work on behalf of amazing volunteers (all who have full time jobs and most with their own growing families).

Thanks also to all the people who ran in Toronto Marathons, attended and donated to our Music Events,Hockey Tournaments and other fundraisers, donated at silent auctions, loaned musical and artistic and cheerleading talents, and to those who donated on behalf of their loved ones, gave us meeting space, and loaned expertise in creative and unforgettable ways.

Also tons of gratitude to our own families, friends and colleagues who have supported us along the way. Hope is healing. And contagious.

Mostly, thanks to the families who attend to mentor all of us.


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