Mike Sanborn

Mike Sanborn


This picture depicts Mike Sanborn training to row 100.3km in memory of his friend Quentin.


On December 4th, 2021, Mike Sanborn along with 2x World Kettlebell Champion, Mike Read, and over a dozen teams of Crossfit athletes rowed over 1500 kilometres combined in a one-of-a-kind event. Rumour has it, that there were all sorts of records set that day including; greatest distance every achieved on a rowing machine, greatest number of people rowing together in one event, and fastest times for those rowing over 50 km. 

Even with social distancing precautions being taken, the energy in the open space was of epic proportions and can be summed up as an invigorating sense of community.

This event was inteded to be a small fundraiser which featured one person rowing 100.3 km. As people heard about Quintin’s story, and Lumara’s mission, more and more people quickly got involved. Over 60 participants and more than $70,000 dollars have been raised so far! We anticipated donations will continue well into the New Year, and more contributions are always welcome.

The Goal

When Mike first started out he established an individual fundraising goal of $10,000, however since then – with the a team that included Mike Read as well as many others – he increased his goal to 50,000 – enough to send 100 kids to Camp Kerry! Learn more about Mike and contribute to this event by clicking on the button below.

Quentin Liedtke

In his professional life, Quentin worked in the tech sector in Victoria, BC, initially at Loud Technologies before joining MetaLab as their Director of Engineering in 2015. Quentin was whip smart, a driven and talented engineer, funny, and charismatic. He worked to develop a 1:1 gender balance in his work team and was loved by his team and clients.

In his personal life, Quentin was generous, with an unwavering devotion to his family, community, neighborhood, and his relationships with orders. Quentin’s passions included rowing, cycling, triathlon, woodworking, cooking, and cocktails. He loved to socialize and was always up for throwing a party or cooking for friends and family. As co-founder of the Esquimalt Cocktail Society (it’s kind of a big deal) he was always gracious and hospitable.

Quentin possessed a true joi de vivre. His smile and laugh were infectious and would brighten a room. Many of his friends have shared that what they liked most about him was his ability to listen. When you talked with Quentin you always felt like you had his undivided attention.

In October 2012, Quentin became a father when he and Sarah welcomed their first daughter, Lily, and in July of 2019, they were blessed with their second daughter, Sophia. Quentin was a wonderful dad. He was patient, empathetic, loving, funny, and fun. He always had time for his girls and spent countless hours building Lego, riding bikes, building lemonade stands, and organizing scavenger hunts.

Quentin was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, an incurable and aggressive form of brain cancer, in August 2019, three weeks after the birth of their second daughter. For sixteen months he fought with courage and hope. He eventually lost his battle on December 27th, 2020 with his wife Sarah by his side.

All those who knew him will be forever touched by his spirit.