Compassionate Community Choirs
Synergy: A Compassionate Community Choir
Aspen Switzer: Registered Music Therapist

Aspen Switzer: Registered Music Therapist

Choir Director

Alexina Davis: Registered Music Therapist

Alexina Davis: Registered Music Therapist

Choir Director

Luke Lee Burton: Registered Music Therapist

Luke Lee Burton: Registered Music Therapist

Choir Director

A Message from the Directors

The Camp Kerry Community Choirs are will be offered online until it is safe for us all to gather once again. All are welcome to join us for an experience of connection, healing and hope during these difficult and unusual times. 

We realize that there are challenges to singing online as a group, so the songs we select are simple, and we’ll place a stronger emphasis on gathering and therapies. Participants can expect these groups to be a safe haven for processing grief and other emotions.

Due to the financial uncertainty that so many of us are facing, we have chosen to waive the participation fee. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Warmly, Aspen, Alexina & Luke

Virtual Fall Sessions 2021

October 6 – December 8

Rehearsals on Wednesdays

5:00pm – 7:00pm PST

8:00pm – 10:00pm EST

Contact Aspen & Alexina

Frequently asked Questions & Answers
What is a Community Choir?
A choir whose purpose is to build community and create community through sharing and creating music together.
What is a Compassionate Community Choir?
The Camp Kerry Society’s mission is to create a community of compassion and support for individuals and families who are living with serious illness, grief and loss. Our Community choir is just one way in which we work towards this goal with our participants.
What happens in a typical choir session?
Each week we meet to sing together for a few hours. There are opportunities for sharing stories, for silence, for contributing song ideas and of course for just letting the power of singing together work it’s magic.
Who is the choir for?
Some of us are healing from the loss of a loved one and singing in community has become a profound source of joy and support in a very difficult time. Some of us are facing ongoing life changes, challenges and stressors (coping with an illness or chronic health issues, caring for a loved one with an illness, and/or coping with PTSD, anxiety, depression) and singing helps us deal better with the stress that change brings. Hospice volunteers, health care professionals and others who wish to stand in solidarity and support with those who grieve or those who face health challenges are also in attendance. The choir strives to create a deeply safe space for people from all walks of life to come together and share in the joy of singing.
What kind of music does the choir sing?
Generally, we focus on songs that help connect with the complex emotion of grief and also the joy that is experienced from building connections through music and community. Choir members are invited to share their favourite songs and collectively the group decides which pieces to focus on. At the end of each term, we typically have a final concert to share our hard work with family, friends and others in the community.
Do I have to be a good singer to join the choir?
All are welcome to attend and absolutely no singing experience is required. In fact, most of our members have never sung before. The music therapist will support and lead each member in freeing his or her voice through learning and creating music that is rich and meaningful while also simple enough for new singers to sing with great success.
Does a virtual choir sound the same?

The answer is no. At this time, it is not possible to sing in harmony or as collective over the internet. The videos you may have come across with choirs performing virtually have been edited. 

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