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Most don’t think about grief and bereavement care until they are faced with a life-threatening illness or death in the family. These are usually difficult times, and finding a means to cope or resources for support is often overwhelming. Not to mention, some of the systems that are intended to provide care, inadvertently result in additional traumas for individuals and families. Unfortunately, a lot of people will live a life-time suffering from unresolved and compounded grief as a result.

That being said, it’s not uncommon for us to receive referrals several months, and sometimes years, after a loss has occurred, or after the diagnosis of a serious illness. There are numerous reasons as to why this occurs, but what’s more important is that we offer supports to people from all across Canada regardless of when they come to us, or where they are from.

Lumara strives to create compassionate communities in all that we do, while also decreasing barriers to our service for those who try to access them. Anyone is welcome to self-refer and register for our programs, and/or request counselling. You can also make a referral or help us reach more people simply by spreading the word and sharing our information with others: friends, family, colleagues, etc.

The easiest way to share our information is to direct people to our website – LumaraSociety.org or give them our phone number, which can be found on our “Contact Us” page. Once contact is made, we’ll do our best to ensure those you send our way are met with optimal service that reflects all of our values.

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