An Update on Camp Kerry Family Retreats

Dear Camp Kerry Families and Friends:  

We hope you are all doing well and enjoying the changes of the season as we move from Spring into the beautiful warm days of Summer.

Our team is feeling encouraged by the gradual lifting of COVID-19 restrictions across Canada, but we are still uncertain about what this will mean for our fall family retreat programs. COVID-19, unfortunately, continues to interfere with our abilities to predict and plan too far in advance.

The Good News:

After meetings and discussions with members of our team, including our medical advisory committee, we are feeling cautiously optimistic that adapted in-person family retreat programs will be possible by the middle of September in BC and Ontario.

Although we know that our in-person programs will have to look somewhat different this year we are very pleased to announce that we have decided to open registration and invite all those hoping to come to Camp Kerry this fall to complete their preliminary paperwork. Program contribution fees and medical forms do not need to be submitted at this time.

All applications will be placed on a waitlist until we are certain we can meet expectations from the federal and provincial health authorities including restrictions on gathering size, the impact of vaccination status, mask requirements and social distancing.

Camp Kerry BC will be held near Princeton from Friday, Sep. 17 to Monday, Sep. 20th. Camp Kerry Ontario will be held near Minden from Thursday, Sep. 30 to Sunday, Oct. 3rd


If you have any questions ~ either about the family retreat program registration process or about any of the online support programs that we are providing right now ~ please reach out to us either by phone (604-553-4663) or by email (info@lumarasociety.org).

We are still here, and we can’t wait to re-connect with everyone in person!

Heather, Josh, Leah, Nina, Rob and Shelley