James Bidgood Memorial Tournament

May 11, 2019

Asphodel-Norwood Arena & Ball Park

Puck N’ Ball Eh!

Well the rumors are true, the 4th Annual James Bidgood Memorial Hockey Day is now a puck and ball tournament. This means 2 games of Hockey and 2 games of Baseball. The best part is proceeds will go to benefit both Camp Kerry Ontario and Hospice Norwood!

James was a lover of all sports, he joined hockey later in life but his first love was baseball, he would tell you he could’ve gone pro. He would be thrilled to know we were stepping up this tournament and adding even more fun! We hope you’ll be just as excited to continue on this adventure with us! ❤️


Asphodel-Norwood Arena & Ball Park

88 Alma St

Norwood, Ontario

7:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Asphodel-Norwood Arena

About James

James Bidgood, owner of Bidgood Builders – a construction company in Ontario – was a well-respected and a trusted member of his community. Those that knew him recall the deep love he had for his family and how much he enjoyed living life through his passions of sports and the great outdoors. James was often known to be the life of the party because he not only worked hard, but he played hard as well.

Unfortunately, it was through his adventurous life-style on February 19, 2015 where James would suddenly meet his fate in an accident involving his snowmobile and a motor vehicle.

Though the heart-ache of his loss is felt by many, James’ generous and loving spirit continues to live on as he inspires more and more people to do good each and every day. Both through his community – which has implemented the “One for James” tradition at their local Tim Horton’s – and through his adoring wife Brooke, and their three beautiful children – Maggie, Jesse, and Griffin – who champion themselves to help others in need.