This Christmas, you can help a family like Victor’s.

In 2014, Victor’s wife Ana passed away after an excruciating battle with cervical cancer. Left alone to raise his two small children, Victor desperately needed help to navigate his overwhelming grief.

At the suggestion of his counsellor, Victor came to our Circles of Strength support group in North Vancouver. For him, like so many of our community members, it was the first time he had stepped out of the isolation that so commonly plagues those who are grieving.

“I was so surprised to find myself in a room full of people who had also lost a spouse — I was literally in awe that this community existed,” he remembers of that experience. “I started going every week just to have a safe place to release all of this pent up emotion.”

“The craziest part is that these people were complete strangers to me. But it didn’t matter. They were other people who are in it — they have lived this too — and that made all the difference.”

Victor Ulanday

Alumni, Camp Kerry

A compassionate community was Victor’s antidote for the pervasive loneliness and grief.

This Christmas, will you support Camp Kerry’s year-round support programs so we can be there for people like Victor on his grief journey – every step of the way?

Thank you for being there for families like Victor’s.

Grief is a constant companion and your generosity today helps us to walk the journey with our community tomorrow — and the next day — and in the days after that.

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