Camp Kerry Society Presents

Covid-19 Support Groups for Frontline Workers

These weekly peer groups are intended for adults impacted by the effects of working on the frontlines during the Covid-19 pandemic. Ideal for healthcare workers and essential service providers including; doctors, nurses, teachers, therapists, politicians, store clerks, and more.

If you have any questions or feel a need for additional support outside of this self-help group then please reach out to us to learn more about our individual counselling sessions and other services that are currently available.

Each group occurs for one hour with a structured format where participants are given the opportunity to share. After each meeting, participants are welcome to connect further with one another using the video conferencing, chat, and audio features available.

Currently, we are offering two weekly groups on Wednesdays. The first begins at 5:00PM Pacific Standard Time/8:00PM Eastern Standard Time, and the second starts at 7:30PM Pacific Standard Time/10:30 Eastern Standard Time.