Dr. Heather Mohan Receives Highest Distinction From Douglas College

We are proud to announce that our very own Dr. Heather Mohan received the highest distinction from Douglas College yesterday where she was recognized as an Honorary Fellow.

Dr. Mohan is the 18th person to ever have received this award where she joins recipients such as; Rick Hansen, Robert Thirsk (Astronaut), Chief Rhonda Larrabee, Dr. Julio Montaner (Renowned HIV/AIDS Researcher), and company.

At the June 14th summer ceremony for graduates in Health Sciences, Dr. Mohan delivered a powerful and moving speech, which will certainly be remembered for quite some time.

You can watch Dr. Mohan’s introduction and speech on the live-stream recording by clicking on the button below (fast forward to 22:54 for her introduction and 28:06 for her speech).