Expressive Arts Therapies are a critical part of Lumara’s unique model of care. These interactive, arts-based therapies for children and adults provide helpful emotional outlets, positive coping strategies, and enhanced communication. Guided by experienced professionals, and hosted both online and in person, expressive arts therapies at Lumara include; community choirs, reflective writing, art therapy, and many of the creative activities that we do at Camp Kerry family retreats.

Expressive Arts Therapies are healing, transformative, and as I’ve seen recently, they are extremely adaptable. We were able to bring many of our expressive arts programs online during the pandemic, and we’ve even created some new programs to address the growing needs of those struggling with grief, trauma, and isolation today. In late 2020, we launched a reflective writing workshop, now called, “Writing our Grief”. This workshop has served dozens of people struggling with grief and trauma and helped them work through anxiety and isolation caused by the pandemic or a recent personal loss. One of our participants recently shared:

“Each week, through the reflective writing and sharing our experiences of the process, we experience community and touch each other’s lives. We are met, heard, identify, and learn from each other.”

~ Writing Our Grief workshop participant

In addition to “Writing Our Grief” and other workshops that are available throughout the year, we utilize Expressive Arts Therapies at our Camp Kerry Family Retreats each year. I look forward to bringing families together again at our 2022 retreats later this year. These four-day retreats full of fun, play, authentic connection, and memory making for the whole family are a highlight of my year.

I am honoured to say that I know many kids and teens who feel the same way. Saoirse, an 11-year-old girl who lost her dad in 2018, recently shared with us that because of her experience at Camp Kerry family retreats, her grief is not as heavy as it used to be. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Saoirse’s reflections on her experience with Lumara, I encourage you to take a look now. ~ Dr. Heather Mohan, Executive Director