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Mindful Photography for Youth: An approach to taking photos to support us in these unusual times

Mindfulness is a practice that invites being in the present moment, to connect with what is. Using photography to see and acknowledge what is are ways we can step into mindfulness and invite some calm.  We might discover some insights into our current circumstances too. Let’s come together online to learn about mindful photography and leave with some ideas and activities that you can use in these unusual times. No photography skills required.  No photo editing required.  Access to ANY camera on ANY device is all you’ll need to apply the learnings.  

Dr. Catherine Hajnal

Dr. Catherine Hajnal

Workshop Facilitator

Dr. Catherine Hajnal facilitates an understanding of the losses that emerge in the context of living a life and the process of grieving.  She invites stepping into the transformative potential that can arise in the meaning and sense making aspects of life transitions.  Health, well-being, and empowerment are steadfast themes in her work.  Photography is one of her self-care companions.