One Reason To Give

We are proud to announce that on October 22 one of our very own special alumni, Jeanette S., from Ontario has taken the lead to organize the Camp Kerry team in the Toronto Charity Challenge and Marathon events. Here’s her story and one reason why you should consider sponsoring our team…

When my husband James died, I was 35 years old and our daughter just 3. Not knowing anyone else who had lost a spouse at such a young age, I struggled alone in my grief. I had a DVD with a bereavement episode of Sesame Street that I used to show Emily others who had lost their parents like she had. We were isolated in our suffering. In 2014 we were sponsored to attend Camp Kerry Ontario. This was life changing for us. At Camp Kerry we met many young families with a common ground. Emily made friends who she could relate to and feel normal with. And I met other mothers and an uncle who had suffered similar losses. We laughed, danced, and cried together. We related in our day-to-day struggles of being a sole parent. We learned about grief, about ourselves and I felt empowered leaving Camp Kerry and was able to move forward within my grief. I am passionate about supporting Camp Kerry Ontario and would like to ask for your help.