Camp Kerry Society Presents

Reflective Writing Series

November 16 – December 7, 2020

Mondays 7:00 – 8:30pm PST
This introductory series is for those without any writing experience and seasoned writers alike. Prior to writing, each session will begin with a check-in and a mindfulness meditation. Opportunities to connect with various exercises that encourage listening to inner thoughts will be provided. This series is designed to support participants with any processing they may want to do specific to their grief while also supporting the reflective process. The intention of this series is to inspire and open some new pathways of listening rather than about becoming a better writer. Tama teaches with a flow between deep stillness and effervescent lightness. Through this process she will offer tools and techniques to help with clarity and mindfulness as we move towards the end of a year and the holiday season.
Tama Recker

Tama Recker

Group Facilitator

Tama has worked in various roles in hospice and bereavement support for many years. She is a counsellor and Therapeutic Touch practitioner as well as a teacher/facilitator of mindfulness, meditation, creative workshops, and more. She has thoroughly enjoyed being part of the fun at Camp Kerry since 2011 as well as connecting with the quiet moments.