Send a kid like Lily to Camp Kerry

With your help, we can continue supporting life after loss for kids who have stories like Lily’s.

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Preparations are underway for Camp Kerry – we are hosting three Family Retreats across the country for families who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

Going to Camp Kerry changes lives. We’ve seen it with our own eyes. Maybe you have too?

This year, you can send a kid like Lily to Camp Kerry.


Lily and her mom Ruth first came to Camp Kerry seven years ago, just weeks after Lily’s Dad, Doug, died from a brain tumor.

Even though the pain of those first few years has lessened, both mother and daughter say they don’t know where they’d be without Camp Kerry.


If we hadn’t gone to Camp Kerry, we wouldn’t be walking around smiling. 


- 13 years old

This year, will you be there for kids like Lily? By surrounding families with a caring, compassionate community, Camp Kerry ensures kids don’t have to grieve alone.

Camp Kerry Family Retreats

Camp Kerry Family Retreats provide a safe space for those who are grieving to come together for healing, connection and support over a four-day weekend. Through adventure-based activities, art therapy, music therapy, group counselling and healing rituals of remembrance,  families at all stages of their grief journeys come together to support each other.

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