Shine light on grief and sorrow with us

This holiday season, make a gift in support of grieving children, youth, and families.

While Lumara works with family members of all ages, our work with teenagers is unique. They are both vulnerable and uniquely resilient all at once. They can experience deep pain and sadness, but also have an incredible capacity for empathy, friendship, and hope.

Youth who experience the death of a parent or a sibling can suffer serious long-term effects to their mental health, particularly if they don’t receive help, support, and a safe place to belong around the time of their loss.


I think it’s really hard as a teen to lose someone you love and you don’t really know people you can talk to. I don’t necessarily always want to talk to my mom about everything.

Youth Program Participant

Many people today who are homeless or incarcerated have lived through a traumatic loss in their childhood or adolescence. The need for timely bereavement care for youth has never been higher.

This holiday season, you can help connect grieving youth with the unique support they need. Your gift today brings hope, connection, and friendship at a lonely time.

Whenever people ask me about my daughter’s grief and what helped, I can honestly say it was her time with other families. It was spending time with other teens her age that she met at Camp Kerry that made the biggest difference.

Mom of Lumara Youth Program Participant

You can also give by mailing a cheque to PO Box 809, 322-198 Island Hwy East, Parksville, BC V9P 2G8. Please make cheques payable to Lumara Grief and Bereavement Care Society.